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Remanufacture / Rebuild of air suspension for Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne 9PA (2003-2010)Pret
Rebuild Front air spring200EUR
Rebuild Rear air spring200EUR
Compressors rebuild90EUR
NEW compressor WABCO4400EUR
Rebuild air struts175EUR
Porsche Cayenne 92A (2011-)Pret
Rebuild Front air spring250EUR
Rebuild Rear air spring250EUR
Compressors rebuild90EUR
NEW compressor WABCO770EUR
Rebuild air struts175EUR

*There is a relay in the new compressor

  • 10% discount, if you rebuild 2 or more air springs.
  • Above prices are actual, if we rebuild yours.
  • S matic give 24 months warranty

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